The following comments concerning the coverage in terms of years and countries apply to the ‘distance’ metrics contained in this website.  As i ave only recently posted the ‘diversity’ metrics, I do not have any plans for updating them at this stage.


The data is available for three specific years: 1995, 2005 and 2015. However, I would note that, in general, the metrics involved here only change gradually over time. Indeed, the correlations across decades (i.e. between 1995 and 2005, and between 2005 and 2015) range between 0.778 and 0.997 across the five main distance dimensions. The greatest variance (i.e. lowest correlation across decades) being in the degree of democracy between 1995 and 2005; and the lowest variance across decades being in the linguistic distance. The later result is not surprising given that we are mainly measuring the ‘mother tongue’ of the individuals; thus, this tends to be a generational change, plus the effects of immigration. As a result, simply interpolating between these the available years should in general be sufficiently reliable.


At the moment, the diversity metrics are available for 150 countries, and the distance metrics for bilateral pairs of 150 countries (i.e. 22,350 dyads). [click here for an Excel version of the list of countries]

These include …

 Afghanistan   Hong Kong   Paraguay 
 Algeria   Hungary   Peru 
 Angola   Iceland   Philippines 
 Argentina   India   Poland 
 Australia   Indonesia   Portugal 
 Austria   Iran   Puerto Rico 
 Azerbaijan   Iraq   Qatar 
 Bahrain   Ireland   Romania 
 Bangladesh   Israel   Russia 
 Belarus   Italy   Rwanda 
 Belgium   Jamaica   Samoa 
 Benin   Japan   Saudi Arabia 
 Bolivia   Jordan   Senegal 
 Botswana   Kazakhstan   Serbia 
 Brazil   Kenya   Sierra Leone 
 Bulgaria   Korea North   Singapore 
 Burkina Faso   Korea South   Slovak Republic 
 Burundi   Kuwait   Slovenia 
 Cambodia   Kyrgyzstan   Solomon Islands 
 Cameroon   Laos   Somalia 
 Canada   Latvia   South Africa 
 Chad   Lebanon   Spain 
 Chile   Libya   Sri Lanka 
 China   Lithuania   Sudan 
 Colombia   Luxembourg   Suriname 
 Congo, Dem Rep   Madagascar   Sweden 
 Costa Rica   Malawi   Switzerland 
 Cote D’Ivoire   Malaysia   Syria 
 Croatia   Mali   Taiwan 
 Cuba   Malta   Tajikistan 
 Cyprus   Mauritius   Tanzania 
 Czech Republic   Mexico   Thailand 
 Denmark   Moldova   Togo 
 Dominican Republic   Mongolia   Trinidad and Tobago 
 Ecuador   Morocco   Tunisia 
 Egypt   Mozambique   Turkey 
 El Salvador   Myanmar   Turkmenistan 
 Estonia   Namibia   Uganda 
 Ethiopia   Nauru   Ukraine 
 Fiji   Nepal   United Arab Emirates 
 Finland   Netherlands   United Kingdom 
 France   New Zealand   United States 
 Georgia   Nicaragua   Uruguay 
 Germany   Niger   Uzbekistan 
 Ghana   Nigeria   Vanuatu 
 Greece   Norway   Venezuela 
 Guatemala   Oman   Vietnam 
 Guinea   Pakistan   Yemen 
 Haiti   Panama   Zambia 
 Honduras   Papua New Guinea   Zimbabwe